School Emblem


The school emblem is the essence of the institution.

The emblem of our school is an open book with candles on either side, a dove on the top  and stars stand as a garland to the book.

The open book symbolizes knowledge, education and wisdom. The purpose of education is to impart knowledge for enlightenment and enable the students to reach out to the world with compassion and empathy and develop sound, ethical and moral values.

The lighted candles symbolize selflessness. The candle burns itself to give light to others. It also shows the aim of education- leading from darkness to light- ignorance to knowledge.

The dove symbolizes universal peace, harmony and the spirit of fraternity. Education bridges gap between people leading to one world, one family.

The stars shine high up in the sky and inspire students to shine brightly on the attainment of knowledge. Stars also inspire us to dream big and achieve the heights of success.