Pre-Primary Section

"Learning is never cummulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end"

The Pre-Primary wing of St. Thomas is a second home for the children. The first five years of life are vitally important in laying the foundation of character and personality. Special attention is paid to facilitate physical, emotional and intellectual growth of child.

The tiny tots  are provided with daily opportunities to explore their environment, encouraged to ask questions, solve problems and express their thoughts and feelings. Children and their work are observed to assess their interests, strengths and needs. Means and methods are formulated for the all round development of our Young Learners in various fields such as:

  1. Performing Arts and Visual Arts
  2. Computer Skill: (for Prep only)
  3. Sports and Games
  4. Competitions & Shows, Outings / Picnics

The best of Montessori Kindergarten, play-way method is adopted for the Pre-Primary school. Various programmes on self-impression are conducted as these students have their own way of improving their surroundings. Indoor activities and outings to various places likes parks, museum are conducted to improve a child's over all personality, encourage participation and improve performance of child in a positive manner.