The Torch Bearers

Competitive Edge

In the 'School Emblem' the four coloured star represents the four houses. Aravallis , Himalayas, Nilgiris and Vindhyas. These stars motivate the students to shine brightly in every aspect of life. The houses are named after the hills depicting 'heights'- achievements, success and grandeur.


The oldest mountain range. It is filled with picturesque and lush areas of forest, ecstatic. Aravali is the home to numerous species, so Aravali house is an abode of multifaceted talents. Students of this house commit to excel, reach greater heights and reap abundantly

Nilgiris House

The "Nilgiri" proudly stands along the Western Ghats in Kerela. It is clad in blue hue when the rare beautiful flower bloom spreading its fragrance around. The "Nilgirians" believe in scaling heights and spreading the aroma of success. This invigorating crew looks hard to win, give tough competition to co- houses.

Himalayas House

The Himalayas : The Abode Of snow: the most venerated range of spectacular mountains signify poise in perfection, humility in success, faith in adversity and calm in turbulence. Students of this house strive earnestly to achieve these qualities.

Vindhyas House

Vindhya Range is the largest chain of rock art in the world. Students of Vindhya Range are embellished with the highest spirit, enthusiasm and zeal.